THANK YOU for your interest in the Arthur Murray Dance Studio! You’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily that you become the type of dancer you have always admired. Within a few lessons, you will start to notice a new you. The added confidence and poise that you will gain by knowing how to dance will enhance your personality and ability to feel at home socially, regardless the occasion.

The Arthur Murray Studio’s over 100 years of teaching experience assures you the finest ballroom, social, country, and Latin dances available today! All of our instructors are courteous. Highly qualified professionals thoroughly trained in the art of teaching dancing. Your teacher, through the use of private lessons, group classes, and practice sessions, will help you achieve exactly what you want out of your dancing.

Your first complimentary class will be an individual lesson with your own personal instructor. Simply request the dance you with to learn, style of music, or place that you would like to go, and you’ll be dancing in no time! If you are not sure, we can suggest a few dances to get you started. After your lesson, you will have the opportunity to enroll in the whatever program you prefer.
We look forward to meeting you!