The history of the Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios began in 1912 with a man named Arthur Murray, an American symbol of entrepreneurial success and social dancing.

Murray was among the first to use advertising techniques considered cutting edge at the time. His concept of selling dance lessons by mail, one step at a time, took the use of direct mail to a new level.


Our trained professionals can make you feel at home in the friendly atmosphere of an Arthur Murray Dance Studio so you can feel comfortable on any dance floor and with any dance partner. Arthur Murray® offers convenient times and enrollments that allow you to take lessons in any of our franchised dance studios worldwide.

Arthur Murray® instructors are specially trained and certified and can put you in touch with today’s most popular dances to make you a comfortable social dancer or a competitive hobby dancer. The choice is yours and we’ll help you achieve it because each lesson is taught step-by- step at your own pace. Over 40 million people have enhanced their social life by learning to dance quickly and easily the Arthur Murray® way!

We are a professional Dance Organization with numerous years of collective teaching experience. In our family atmosphere, we deliver the best mix of Arthur Murray teaching methodologies, along with a personal consideration and approach to your individual needs.

We have been an official, licensed Arthur Murray International Dance School for over thirty years. With both of our locations, we welcome couples and singles to our friendly and fun ballroom dance classes. Additionally, we offer social dance activities, ballroom dance competitions, dance sport tournaments and traditional dance travel to all interested dance students.

Arthur Murray Mission Statement

To create a fun learning and working experience by providing the highest quality, first class service and instruction while improving peoples lives through dancing!!!

Arthur Murray Pledge

We strive to ensure a First Class experience in learning to Dance. We start by employing people passionate about Teaching, Dancing, Growth and change that happens thru learning to dance. As part of the personal growth and self improvement industry we know that challenging and supporting our customers thru the learning process will not only add a life skill and a way to connect with people, it can be a complete social makeover and a life-changing experience! Our company continues daily to improve the quality of our Private and group lessons as well as the practice sessions we provide for our clients. Combining our 3-Way system of teaching supplemented by showcase and Dance-A-Rama training, we constantly create short and longer range projects to keep our students engaged, focused and challenged to bring the most from their desire, talent and dreams!

Your studio Management team combined with all of our teachers and employees will be working full time to keep your learning, growth and goals at the forefront of our mission as we have learned that team teaching will bring the most out of all students who become a part of the “Arthur Murray Experience”! We welcome you to being part of the Arthur Murray family and hope your journey will be as joyous and successful as it has been for our thousands of satisfied customers!

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